Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post 900. More stupidity on the part of the media

I just read where some pregnant female reporter going into Israel got humiliated by what passes for security over there and I guess the Israeli government has apologized. I have little sympathy for her.

There is only one person that can go to Rome and have the Romans do what he does, and that is The Most Interesting Man in the World. Right now the Most Interesting Man in the World is busy now ice fishing at the North Pole and when he gets back to the States he has another beer commercial to make so he isn't going to Rome too soon.

Everyone else has to do what the Romans do when they go there.

This means you. Yeah, YOU!

The same holds true for Israel and just about everywhere you go. When you go there you play by their rules. The rules we play with in the United States end at our borders and the rules other places play by begin at their borders. It's as simple as that. If you do not want to play by their rules, stay home.

I get pretty fed up hearing stories of people that did something overseas and get thrown in prison or befall other fates because they break the rules of their host country. Over the years I have heard all sorts of stories about people that thought they were smarter than third world officials and wound up in foul dungeons of prisons or worse for doing stupid things like running drugs.

A few years ago an American kid got caned with a split bamboo whip for vandalizing cars in Singapore. He should have thought about that before he went out and vandalized someone's car. He wasn't in the States where he would get a $50 fine and have to sing Kum-Bye-Ya with a social worker. They play for keeps in Singapore.

It's pretty hard too buy a ham sandwich and a beer in Saudi Arabia and buying a cheeseburger in parts of India is hard to do. If you can't live without these simply stay home. It is as easy as that.

Israeli security has a reputation for being pretty tight. If you have a problem with that, stay home.

If something happens to you that humiliates you while going through security, that is just too damned bad. Don't come crying all over the place about what a victim you have become because I really am not going to listen to you. Save it for someone else. You are not a victim of the Israeli government. You are a victim of your own stupidity. You were warned and you didn't listen.

While we are at it why did she go overseas on assignment while she is pregnant, anyway? It sounds like she is soon to be one of those women that places her career ahead of the health and welfare of her children. While I do not feel sorry for her, I feel sorry for her unborn child.

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