Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SOme guys do not pay their bills and wonder why they get no help

I see that the Christmas season is upon us and I look at my schedule and see that I am scheduled to be at sea for the holiday which is fine by me. Sometimes when I am not scheduled for it I trade it for summer time off from some guy with little kids.

Of course, there is always a jerk that hems and haws when you ask him to pay you back.

Most people that I have done favors for have been pretty good about it, but over the years I have had to deal with a couple of jerks that don't understand the concept of paying something back. They seem to forget or don't pay attention.

I remember one guy that I traded Christmas with in exchange for time off to shoot at Perry. I carefully told him to check his summer schedule because I had every intention of collecting the following July/August. Of course, he swore itwas a deal and when it came time to pay me back he whined and bellyached because he was planning on going to a NASCAR race during the time frame.

I figured the best way to collect what was mine was to simply put word out that he was a deadbeat and I did. There were more than a few people that remembered that I had taken Christmas for him and it was interesting to watch what happened.

Someone that needed a little extra cash offered to relieve me simply because he needed the cash and I took him up on it. I got to go to Perry and shoot.

The guy finally got what was coming to him, though because his oldest daughter had a graduation coming and wanted to attend. He started trying to get someone to trade off times with everyone and instead of simply being able to trade time off, a lot of people remembered what he had done to me and his time off wound up costing him dearly as the person who finally offered to relieve him told him that in addition to taking the watch it was going to cost him a pretty hefty up-front chunk of cash.

He balked and the guy didn't get to see his daughter graduate.

He confronted me and blamed me for pinning a jacket on him and I simply replied that he had put the jacket on all by himself by not paying his bills.

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