Friday, November 4, 2011

Well, I am anchored where it is flat calm and bigger n' $hit I got landsick.

Shortly after my feet hit a solid stable deck I got pale and broke out into a sweat and damned near puked. I guess it was funny watching me stagger a little.

While most people are aware of someone getting seasick, most landlubbers do not know that after a period of being in rough water for a period and adapting that sometimes a person must readapt to being ashore.

The last timme I got landsick was in late August of 1986 after a 6 day open ocean crossing on my 24'7" sailboat.

I had just crossed the Gulf of Alaska and weathered 2 storms in her and when I got to Sitka I hopped up on the dock and promptly stepped in a pile of doggie-do and a couple of minutes later got good and llandsick for a little while.

It took me a while before I stopped reeling around like a damned drunk.

Now I face about 12-15 hours of driving until I get home.

Such is part of the life of a sailor.

A sailor's life for me.

I hope my friendly local neighborhood booze store is open when I get back to the company pier. I want to snag a jug for a snort as soon as I pull into the driveway.

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