Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recently I read where the Army

has promoted a black female to the rank of Major General.

I certainly do not have problems with this if she is the most qualified person for the job and for sake of argument I am going to say she is. I didn't get my hands on the service jackets of the people that were also considered so I am in no position to judge. I will assume the Army promoted her to her present rank based on her qualifications.

Still I can't help but wonder a bit if this promotion wasn't based on some kind of political correctness or minority recruiting issue. While I actually hate thinking like this and cheapening the poor woman's promotion I do have to admit that the thought has crossed my mind and I think it is a damned shame.

The programs we have to try and make sure minorities are represented in various positions are in themselves a total injustice to everyone involved.

Often times we do not necessarily get the most qualified person in the position and whan that happens all of us lose. We lose the services of the best and that is just plain wrong.

The other thing about promoting people based on minority status is that it is grossly unfair to those minority members that have busted their asses to do a good job and have tried succesfully to get ahead because it puts a pretty good doubt in most minds. People wonder if maybe they were promoted to fill some kind of quota.

Just the idea that that could be happening cheapens it for the person that has honestly made it somewhere. That's also an out and out injustice.

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