Saturday, November 5, 2011

It was a long ride home, 13 hours on the road.

I am home, a couple of days late and beat to hell.

I got in at a little after 0100 and there was a surprise for me when I got home. Someone had sneaked in and really cleaned the place up. It was great.

Although I do a reasonably good day to day job of taking care of the place someone sneaked in and did one hell of a good job of deep cleaning and dusting.

I know who but I will not post it here.

In other news I will rastring my antennas and be on the air soon after I get straightened out.

I need a damned cup of joe and the coffeemaker has just decided to up and die on me which is a particularly big suck pill to take this morning.

Off to the 7-Eleven for coffee.

MMaybe more later

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