Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A quick post

A couple of days ago I drove past a federal park and it looked like a large motorcycle club had decided to open it on their own. God Bless them.

Right now I am thinking that it is time to tar and feather 537 people, meaning the president, the veep and all of congress. All of them and then have the governors replace them with people that are not political animals. 

If such and such a state sends senators with previous political experience than tar and feather them, too. Then we can reelect a normal citizen as president.

Congress is no place for politicians, it is a place where successful people from around the country can serve as a way of paying back the country for their success.

The first thing the new congress can do is to appeal the laws that make them exempt from the laws they pass. The second thing is pass a Constitutional amendment making it so congress is subject to all laws they pass.

Watching Martha Stewart sit in jail for something congressmen can do with impunity just isn't right. (Even though I am no fan of Martha Stewart)

There is a Chinese restaurant nearby owned by an immigrant. He has two restaurants,, one is downtown and I guess a lot of federal employees eat there.

On 9-11 a Federal agent walked in and asked him if he could go to the site of the flight 93 crash and set up shop to feed the crews involved in the investigation and he promptly shut his doors, rented a couple of trucks, packed up and went.

When it was over he conveniently FORGOT to send the government a bill. He paid for the whole thing out of his pocket. He told me it was his way of paying the country back for allowing him to be successful.

THAT'S the kind of guy I want in congress, a man that wants to serve the people instead of have the people serve him.

Tar and feather them ALL.

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