Saturday, October 19, 2013

The TEA party is headed down the tubes

One of the things I have noticed about the Tea Party is that the usual gang of moral policemen have jumped on the bandwagon and are trying to impose their morals on everyone else.

While I admit that I have a beef with a handful of the gay community over one issue, most are free to go in peace and do whatever it is they want to do behind closed doors. Government has no business entering the house of the good American citizen without a warrant based on the proper procedure.

The Tea party is pretty much doomed because of that. Nobody likes being told what they can and can't do behind closed doors. Yet the usual gang of self-righteous people have hopped aboard.

Women do not like having people tell them what to do with their reproductive systems. Personally I am no fan of abortion but I'll be damned if I'm going to tell a woman how to run her reproductive system. It's between her, her physician and her maker. Many woman that would never have an abortion under any circumstances feel the same way. They don't like being told how to run their bodies.

Come to think of it, I don't think govermnent has a whole lot of business telling women what to do with their bodies in general. If they want to rent them out it's their business.

The TEA party had a pretty good chance of survival a while back before Bachman and Santorum and company decided to hop on the bandwagon and drag their family values into things.

Just about every time I see the term 'family values' I want to ask, "Who's family? The Addams Family?"

While I agree that liberal policies have had a lot to do with the destruction of the American family as we used to know it, I have to admit that people do have the right to have whatever kind of family they want.

The truth is that the way I see it the TEA party isn't going to last very long because of everyone dragging their moral values into it and demending other people live that way.

What is needed now is a party that is more like the TEA party was a couple of years ago when it began.

A party based only on a return to a Constitutional based government and financial responsibility.

We are going down and going down fast because of two things. We have spent ourselves into murderous debt and we have started to stray from the Constitution.

I am very willing to overlook a lot of repugnant things to achieve that.

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