Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Let's get our tax money's worth.

There is no reason whatsoever that I shouldn't have the nicest lawn and prettiest flower bed on the block without having to go out and bust my ass to make it happen.

After all, I'm supporting another family with my tax dollars and it isn't right that they sit around and do nothing all day. They ought to send one of these families over to my house to weed, mow my lawn, paint and maintain my place.

In fact there are enough of these people to go around. There are now more people on government assistance than there are people working full time. Every full time worker can have one...or maybe even two if they pay enough in taxes.

It'd be a pretty good deal. I go to work and get to take a break afterwards and not have to bust my ass around the house with household chores and they get to do something to earn the money the government gives them.

I could go to work and come home to lawn looking like a golf course and a home freshly painted every spring. As seen on TV!

It wouldn't be slavery nor involuntary servitude because they could simply leave when they felt like it. Of course, if they did decide to leave they get their governmental benefits taken away but that's their choice.

Getting those that are taken care of by the government tit to do something useful for those that foot the bill isn't a bad deal if you ask me. I wouldn't be as hacked off as I am over getting whacked with taxes if I got something for it. At least I'd be getting something out of my tax money.

Of course, I suppose that it wouldn't last very long. I'd imagine that the people working for us would decide that they could do better somewhere else. They'd simply get a job in the private sector and start taking care of themselves.

Then again that would be OK, too. After all, if they did that I would no longer have to support them.

I suppose if you are on the government tit you don't think this is a very good idea but that's OK. Just feel free to use the piece of mistletoe attached to my shirt tail.

After you finish up painting my house and weeding my flower bed.

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  1. I'm sure if the government only allowed EBT for rice, oats, and block cheese then 90% will stop using it.

  2. The problem with this plan is that even if those on the Govt. tit find jobs, the Feds won't reduce the amount of taxes you pay. They will simply find another way to waste the money the bring in.

    Add in a tax reduction to your plan and we have a winner.

  3. If you lived in my area, I'd consider it a honor to paint your house. Fair warning though, the last time I painted something it was using Microsoft paint. LOL