Thursday, October 10, 2013

ANyone out there a computer whiz?

This machine is acting up and needs to have someone go through it.

I'm done after about a week of flailing weeds and knocking down a year's worth of briars, brambles, weeds and other growth and the way-back has a peaceful look to it.

As I sit here with the rig on monitoring the YL net I see that propagation is weird today.  I can't seem to get down to Alabama to say hello to the Mouth of the South, one of the YLs there that is funny. She actually answers to that name proudly. She has a good voice for this hobby and is a good operator.

I used her QSL card when I turned in mine for my Worked All States award. It's a pretty card.

Last winter she told me to send her some snow but it was a mild (read GOOD) winter so there wasn't really enough to do it right. 

I would imagine she would flip if she got a Styrofoam box full of snow kept cold with dry ice.

If any of you out there are hams and are familiar with the YL system I'll pass on that Jda has had a stroke and it's going to be a while before we hear her back on the air. If any of you hams out there want to send her a card, her call is KB5YQ.

Back to the yard which looks great. I busted my ass for an entire week to get things looking good down there. A few falls ago Mrs Pic busted her ass for a couple of months to turn it into a fairy land and the following summer it grew in again. I whacked the weeds and have done so every fall since. She made it look good and I like it that way.

What happens in the spring is that things grow, new, fresh things and the grass on the hill grows up nicely and gives the deer a nice place for does to have their fawns. They have done so for the past few springs. It's nice seeing a doe give birth about 50 feet from where I am sitting now.

In other news I'm going to have to cut this short because I have to get some blood work done. I can't have breakfast until they finish drawing blood.

Maybe when I get home I'll start cooking ribs or something. We'll see. 

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  1. Computer problems? First, what is your Operating System? (IE: Windows XP 32 bit?) Second, what problem is occurring? Third, do you have anti-virus and anti-spyware on your computer? I'll do what I can to help you. (However I'm up at 03:30 tomorrow morning and I'll be working all weekend, so my answers may or may not be terse.) You can catch me at my screen name @