Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I just had an old classmate Facebook post that in about 1915

 or some such time that we paid no income tax, had no debt and everything was paid for.

Really. Who would have ever thought!

Of course he failed to mention that in 1915 we had no social security, no welfare, no section 8, no EBT, no department of education there were a whole lot of every other kind of things we didn't have.

Of course, back then we had something we don't have now.

We had people that knew how to take care of themselves. We were a self-reliant breed then and a proud people.

These days we're getting pretty damned dependent of the government.

What we need now is a dictatorship with me as the dictator.

I'd have the American people back to being self reliant in about two seconds. I'd simply do away with about 90% of the government bureaucracies, all government assistance and sit back and watch the ensuing rioting.

Then I'd simply tell the rioters they can now sleep in the ashes. 

It'd take a generation or two but I would imagine the people would get back .

They'd have to.

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  1. We also had, around then, exhausted the monetary source which required a new source of funding. Before then, the funds came from the massive amounts of land the country was able to sell....and that was pretty well gone by that time.

  2. A lot of the land you speak of was given for next to nothing as a result of the Homestead Act. You were given a shot at ownership if you could 'prove up'.