Sunday, October 13, 2013

An interesting day at WallyWorld.

Yesterday was a shopping day and I was wandering around the aisles lost because they change everything around all the time to make you walk through the store and buy impulse goods.

A young lady about thirteen or fourteen accidentally bumped into me and immediately apologized politely.

"Apology accepted. Someone raised you right. Your mother ought to be proud of you," I said and her face lit up.

I turned and there was a woman in her forties looking at me curiously. "Are you this young woman's mother?" I asked.

She said she was.

"You're doing one fine job raising her and you ought to be proud of yourself. Polite peope are a joy to meet and are getting increasingly rare." I said to her and watched her face light up.

"Incidentally, I'm not a kissass," I added. "Recently I stopped being nice and started to speak up. You earned what I said."

A couple of minutes someone was griping to a stocker that the EBT cards were not being accepted. 

Someone interrupted and told the griper to get a job.

The griper looked offended and looked in my direction for support but got none because I was laughing too hard.

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