Saturday, October 26, 2013

Someone once asked me why I write about

 how I get along with the trash guys. They can't see that the trash guys are very important people for a suburbanite to get along with.

This same person is one of those people that look up to the President of the United States as being someone to look up to.

Well, the truth is that the trash guys have done more for me than any president I cam think of. All the presidents have done is cost me money, time, sweat and raise my blood pressure. Some more than others. The one we have now is a barnacle on the ass of progress but let's not go there right now.

All the elected officials do is steal my money. If it isn't through taxation, they steal my savings through inflation. They live and breathe in Washington, DC which isn't a very nice place because it is full of politicians that might breathe on somebody.

They pollute our lives with their bright ideas. Every single one thiks that the way to make a name for themselves is to try and get a law enacted. They seem to forget that the more laws they pass the less freedom we have.

Too bad one of them didn't have the nerve to report back to the people that they had not tried to have a single law enacted, but have had several repealed. I'd vote for a guy like that.

On the other hand the trash guys remove pollution from our lives. They haul off our trash and make life easier for us. They are good people to know and good people to take care of. They actually do something that makes our lives easier and if you are even halfway decent to them they can make your life a lot easier. A simple styrofoam cup of coffee and a good word and they can make that old set of snow tires that have gotten in your way for months simply vanish.

All in all the trash guys do more for making my life easier than any politician that I can think of. That's why I write about the trash guys. They're far more useful to a person than any politician.

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