Monday, October 28, 2013

I suppose I'll take a break

 and tell a shooting match story about my trophy.

Many moons ago I realized that I wasn't going to win anything of consequence for reasons I won't get into here. I will say that I am cursed with something that keeps my offhand scores down. I was doing OK in the sitting and prone, though. I did bronze in the Police Olympics our club used to host.

Anyway, I gave up trying to win anything serious but decided that it would make a good tool for self-improvement and decided to work hard have a little fun with it.

I awarded myself a pretty good sized trophy and put it in the blockhouse next to the firing line at the club.

When I would show up for a match I would bring the scorecard from the previous match I shot. If I beat that score I would award myself the trophy and take it home and put it on the mantle. If not, it stayed in the blockhouse.

If I had taken it home, I'd bring it to the next match and put it back in the blockhouse and either award it to myself if I beat the previous score or leave it there if I didn't.

The time I broke my previous record by five or six points was kind of embarrassing beacuse the range officer looked over my shoulder and saw what I had done.

He got everyone's attention and grabbed the trophy and made a big to-do out of it. He got to the blockhouse before I did and grabbed the trophy and started making a big speech as he presented it to me.

Of course, I didn't do as well the next time so the trophy went back in the blockhouse and stayed there for quite some time until I had a good day and took it home again.

I sort of dropped out for a while and the trophy is still in the blockhouse but I'm starting up again and we'll see what happens.

In the meantime I'm shooting a different discipline as my eyesight isn't what it used to be. I'm shooting with glass off of my belly now and enjoying it more.

I now have a small trophy cup, about six inches tall and it stays in my shooting stool with the rest of my kit and when I do well I take it out and put it on my mantle. 

However, these days it is resting on my mantle and will stay there until I go to Quantico again.

Last March I shot at Quantico and in a string of 20, I put 11 of them into the X-ring at 600 yards. Most people were not too impressed until we discovered the guys in the pits hadn't changed the targets over to the 600 yard targets and that my 11 Xes were on a 300 yard target at 600 yards!

When I did that I took the trophy out of my stool and told a couple of the guys I knew that I was permanently putting it on my mantle and there it stays. I may fish it out the next time I go to Quantico, we'll see.

The truth is I don't compete for prizes, trophies, medals or stuff like that. I compete against my last score and enjoy it as a sport for self-improvement.

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