Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Attack of the Feminazis!! AAAArrrrrhgggg!

Dateline 2 October. It is early because I will be busy most of tomorrow.

One day recently a guy's girlfriend made him a nice sandwich and he commented that she was 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring.

The woman has a sense of humor and simply took note. Most likely the next time she made a sandwich for him, she commented "299 to go." Or something like that.

She wrote about it, it got picked up by themedia and the feminazis are in full bloom outrage.

First of all, it really isn't any of their business. Another thing is that most worthwhile relationships don't bother checking with other people to see if it matches up to their standards. Most good relationships have their quiet little quirks, buzzwords and little things they share.

Secondly the woman, Stephanie Smith, has posted that he does a lot of the cooking when she's busy. I suppose he ought to. Generally household tasks are done by the person available to do it in this busy society we live in. Either that of there is some division that is acceptable to both parties.

I've done a little internet snooping on this and in addition to being drop a dead gorgeous knockout, she seems to be a pretty well grounded strong minded career oriented woman with a sense of humor. I'll bet she's a lot of fun, too.

It doesn't look to me like she is the kind that's going to be a doormat, that's for damned sure. She's making those sandwiches as a statement of love, not as a promise of servitude.

On the other hand, I would venture that the people that have been writing here telling her about how abused she is are likely not in a decent relationship themselves and don't have a clue.

Most of the women that gripe about here ought to at least take themselves down to the beauty shop and have their armpits braided or something. Like most feminazis they seem to have no sense of life whatsoever. They make no effort to try and make themselves look a little nicer, and it seems a lot of them work overtime to make thenselves look worse.

There is one area that a lot of feminazis draw men to like the moon draws water and that's when they get new shoes. The man come from far and wide to see them. I suppose it's a guy thing. They want to see what kind of work the blacksmith did.

Likely most of them can't cook for sour apples, either. Likely they'll dish up something like taking a bunch of seeds and weeds and dump them into yogurt and tell you how good it is for you. I had a woman try that on me years ago and it wound up on my neighbor's flat roof where it sits to this day 30 years later unless he reroofed. The birds wouldn't even eat it. I stomped out and went downtown for a cheesburger in paradise and a beer.

While we're on the subject of food, there is a definite art to makeing a good sandwich and I don't seem to have it because I am a phillistine and won't take the time to align the components. For me it's slap, whap, dap, snap,schlap, and eat. 

Still, every so often I'll hit a sandwich shop for a good one. There's an art to making one. Stephanie Smith seems to have that art down pat. Her recipes sound delicious.

I wish Miss Smith and her boyfriend, Eric good luck in the future and also wish I was about 35 yers younger because  I think I'd go to New York and try to steal her. She looks like a real catch to me.

Here's a picture of the couple. She doesn't look like a pushover to me.

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