Saturday, October 19, 2013

I am running out of ideas to write about after 1600+ posts

 but I'm sure something will come along and give me something to post about. My nephew said I had more $hit than a Christmas turkey and maybe he isn't off course.

Oh, yeah. I thought of something.

Someone earlier on a forum was telling the rest of us about some activist that would not let him get out of his car to sign a petition. 

Someone else suggested that the person open the window and when the protester stuck their head close enough they poke the protester in the eyes Three Stooges style.

Sounds good to me. I have done this one special time I can remember and it wasn't to get past a protester. It was because someone tried to kick Tokie, my cat.

I will say that Moe Howard taught me a pretty good lesson as did the rest of the stooges. The trick bought me enough time to sack the nasty little thug with a well placed punch.

The Stooges taught me a lot.

Back in the service I sneaked past a guard position during a training exercise using a Stooges trick of hiding behind and rolling a tumbleweed. I led a squad across a field doing that and we got away with it.

Some people say the Stooges are stuid and I suppose they are right. However, i guess I'll just have to say that if something is stupid and it works it isn't stupid.

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  1. Well I hope you have plenty more stories in that noggin of yours because I do so enjoy them reading them and appreciate you sharing.

  2. Many years ago my father explained to me that the comedians that put on the stupid act were some of the smartest people out there. He told me to consider how hard it is to be funny and act stupid at the same time.