Thursday, October 24, 2013

Over the past few years the number of charities I have donated to has gone down.

I attribute a lot of that to organizations getting their monies from the government ot the charities taking a political stand on things.

I used to help out a church out as a volunteer helping out feeding people at a homeless shelter. I was part of a few of us that supplied venison and paid for the processing out of my own pocket.

The instant the preacher started carrying on about trying to outlaw firearms I stopped supplying venison. When the program started taking government money I dropped out altogether. Why bother? They're already getting my money.

The United Way got put on my list of ignored charities a while ago when they dropped the Boy Scouts. It was funny a while ago when someone asked me to donate and I told them that they get nothing from me since they dropped the scouts. He looked confused.

These days about the only thing I do donate to is are the scouts, Girl and Boy. It's realy a shame but when government goes into the charity business it means that charities are already getting my money.

Besides, the more money the governnment takes from me the less I have to give to someone else.

It's a shame but that's the way it is.

Sorry 'bout that.


A while back I ran into a guy that told me he was hungry. He asked ma for a couple of bucks and told me he wasn't going to spend it on beer. (That's what they all say.)

His pack told me he was on the road and when I asked he told me he was headed to Florida because he had a job lined up there.

I asked him if he'd rather have $2 or $10 worth of food. He opted for the $10 worth of chow which was really the right answer.

It told me he really was hungry. 

There was a market half a block away so I walked down to it with him and we grabbed him about $15 worth of basics that he could eat on the road without cooking.

A lot of the stuff was the kind of food the EBT crowd would turn their noses up at but worked for a guy on the road. Canned stew cold isn't very appitizing but it works when you're hungry. Been there, done that. It works. 

Seeing I was returning to work and heading south I told him to hop into my pickup and took him to an exit that looked hitch hiker friendly and dropped him off.

That is charity.

I don't recall giving him my address but about a month or so later I got an envelope in the mail from Florida with a $20 bill in it and a scrap of paper with 'Thank you' written on it.

That is gratitude.

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