Monday, October 21, 2013


This might just be a third party election in 2016.

I just ran a poll on an internet forum I am on fairly often and as I write it looks like a third party candidate has a pretty good chance of winning.

The three choices for POTUS are Hillary, Christie and Jesse Ventura. 

While Hillary and Christie are likely candidates, I simply picked Jesse Ventura out of a hat because he ran for governor in Minnesota on the Reform party ticket and won.

Out of the now 116 votes posted, Jesse Ventura is ahead with 63.8%. Christie has 21.6 and Hillary trails with 14.7%. I expected Hillary to take third place as the internet board is pretty much right of center.

While I do not seriously think that Jesse Ventura is going to run, the point is that people are pretty disgusted with both parties. This election in 2016 very well be an opportunity for the American people to put in a serious third party candidate as there are a lot of people pretty angry at both parties these days.

Frankly I am not surprised as the public has been disgusted for years. There is no party representing the rapidly dwindling middle class. There is the party of the rich and the party of the low-life. 

It's a duel between the fat cats and the Free Stuff Army now and that is simply the way it is. The disappearing middle class, of course, is footing the bill for the FSA and simply can't afford it and the powers that be are taking on massive debt to keep the FSA fed in free stuff.

Something's got to give and it looks like the system is going to implode soon.

I'm 62 in a few days and used to look forward to retirement and don't anymore. Retirement is now something I look forward to with fear and trepidation because I realize that the FSA and their insatiable greed is getting the government to take on more and more debt.

Coupling it with the fed throwing a lot of paper money into the economy and you have a recipe for massive inflation which will steal the savings I have put aside for retirement.

It's a scary time and I see no retirement in sight because of that.

The way to pay off the 17 trillion and growing debt is by inflation and that means the buying power of one's savings dwindles.

Having a million bucks in the bank doesnt mean a whole lot when the price of a loaf of bread is now $2500.

Americans are now looking for someone to step up to the plate and take on things and give us some kind of a hopeful change. 

With both parties putting forth status quo candidates, the time is ripe for someone belonging to neither party to step in.

2016 is some time away but it sure looks pretty good now for a third party to come to life.  

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