Monday, October 14, 2013

Yesterday I met a kindred soul.

He was a guy that has a camp in the rural part of the state and it's pretty much self sufficient.

He built a pretty good rifle range on it and hosts a few matches each year. The place didn't start out as a rifle range, though. The neighbor nearby got that started by being a jerk.

When he moved into the acreage the neighbor came by and told him that a right away for power was going to cost him dearly. It was outright extortion and the camp owner refused to be taken advantage of. He simply bought a generator.

Later when the neighbor complained about him sighting in a deer rifle he simply decided to open a rifle range and sponsor a couple of matches every year. The matches are open to any legal firearm, and the policy seems to be the noisier, the louder, the better.

Of course, the neighbor has called the police any number of times, but no laws have been violated and the police generally hang around and watch the festivities. Several times they have complimented people  on the way the range is run.

I will admit that I love to see the laws of unintended consequences play itself out.

The clown wanted to play his new neighbor for a sucker and wound up getting blighted as a result.

Frankly I don't think the camp owner went far enough, though. I would have found a motorcycle club and rented the camp to them once a month for a nice weekend bash.

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