Sunday, August 23, 2015

Donald Trump is nothing more than a symptom of a real problem.

Years ago one would have never heard of some businessman stepping up and deciding to run for president in the way Trump has.

If someone had they likely would not have gotten very far.

Right now the RNC is going nuts trying to eliminate him by any means necessary. The Democrats are afraid of him, too.

The truth is that people are sick and tired of both parties. Neither of then really represents the average guy. The people are sick of it.

They are sick of the liberal left and all the politically correctness and they are sick of the RNC trying to palm off people like Jeb Bush, Rubio and the like on the public. 

I have heard it said before and said it here before that we have two parties. The party of the rich and the party of the low-life. The Democrats have managed to keep themselves in power by giving the treasury away to the low lifes through social programs. The Republicans have done what they can to give the money to the rich.

In short, both parties suck.

Enter The Donald who is not a politician to begin with. He's an entrepreneur. He has his own money and enough of it to run for POTUS pretty much out of his own pocket.

He doesn't speak the language of the politically correct very well and the truth is that a lot of people consider that to be quite refreshing.

He's managed to upset a lot of apple carts and that is generally a good thing. It is actually refreshing to hear a candidate speak with the tact of a Abrams main battle tank.

He also has an interesting slogan of sorts. He wants to make America great again. He's right because we've been on a definite downhill slide for years.

Truth is there has been a vacuum left by both parties and Trump has rushed in to fill it. Had the RNC not simply been 'Democrat lite' and the Democrats not taken a socialist bent Trump would never even been a small blip on the radar.

Yet here he is.

Go, Donald, Go! Keep stirring the pot. It needs it. The scum has risen to the top and the bottom is getting burned. Stir that pot, Donald! 

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  1. Donald had shown both Republican and Democrat parties as the whores we always suspected but our rose tinted glasses kept us from seeing.

    That the Republicans have been outed as secret lap dancers in the same cat house is something we are now indebted to Donald for.

    Our enemies tremble in the fear that American people elect an unapologetic man, rather than buy in to some metrosexual McPresident like the masters wanted us to elect.

    A few of the candidates seem to be growing pairs, but only because Don has real balls.

    A Man in a field of boys and whores, Donald is the one that actually deserves the win.

    Now get out there and vote him in!