Monday, August 10, 2015

I think I'll pass a lesson on to you young bucks.

Many moons ago I was a young man. Granted, it was many, many, many years ago but that's neither here nor there.

I wanted a date one weekend and was listening to a couple of young women and overheard one telling another, "My daddy says when a guy takes me to dinner to order the most expensive thing on the menu because I am worth it!"

I looked to see who said that and sure enough, it was "Pizza Face" Macallum. Hmmm. With that attitude she wasn't going to get very far. She had best learn to cook, clean and sew as she didn't have very much to look at.

The girl she said that to was a lot more attractive. The attractive girl said nothing but I got the feeling she thought it was a bunch of crap. She just smiled.

Anyway, I ran into a chick I figured I'd like to check out and invited her to dinner and a movie the following Saturday night.

So at dinner this chick ordered a hefty sized steak and a few sides, took two bites and declared that she was full. I cheerfully said that we had time. The place didn't close until one AM and said I was willing to stay.

Of course, she got kind of snotty about it and threatened to storm out. I shrugged and she did get up and leave. At first I was a tad angry until I figured that it was a deal in another way. I had found out right off what she was like and figured it was worth it. I had the waitress doggie bag everything, paid and left.

It was a busy art of town and I knew she would have no problem getting home. I didn't worry about her at all.

I fired up the crap can of the week, my $50 wreck of a car and started dragging the gut on the main.  I swung by a local hangout and ran into a girl I had known for years but had really never paid a whole lot of attention to.

She looked at the doggie bags. "What's that?" she asked.

"Leftovers from a dinner date," I replied. "It didn't go very well. She ordered half the menu and ate two bites. I said something and she got hissy and left."

"Sounds like Tina LaCoste," she said. "She likes to do that."

"Yup." I replied. "Take what you want but eat what you take."

"Stay put," she said and bailed out of the car. She returned a couple of minutes later with a pair of forks and spoons and paper plates.

"Borrowed 'em from Larry at the pizza place," she said. "Now you have a dinner date. I'm starved."

I laughed at her brass and relaxed and we sat there eating off of paper plates in a parked car.

"What are you doing next weekend?" I asked. "Interested in dinner and a movie or something?"

"Let's do one better," she said. "Lets go for a couple of rides at Paragon Park and have a clambake in the marsh somewhere. Park is on you, lobsters are on me."

"I'll dig the clams, it's a deal." I said.

And that's what happened. We had a good time. 

There really wasn't much of a spark between us but we remained friends and for a long time. She became my I feel like doing something with someone occasional date. We did several interesting things together, few of them were what were traditional dates.

One time she just hung around and handed me wrenches while I fixed a car. 

I think she also pissed off Tina LaCoste a little later by telling her that "maybe she wasn't as precious as she thought she was." 

Which is always a plus.

Truth is she taught me about not wasting my time on someone that is either selfish or egotistical. Life is too short. 

As for Tina LaCoste, she married some rich dude and tried to clean him out years later in a divorce. There were no children. I heard she didn't get a whole lot because she was too strung out on coke. Someone told me she died a few years back.  

My advice to you young guys is when you find out that someone is selfish and is simply trying to get into your pocket to see if she can  bail out instantly.

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