Saturday, August 8, 2015

During the beginning

of the Cecil the Lion babble fest someone photo shopped Steven Spielberg sitting in front of a triceratops prop that he made for a Jurassic Park movie. He posted it on line and from what I hear Speilberg was treated to a double ration of insults and threats.

Of course, the triceratops has been extinct for the past 63,000,000 years or so, give or take.

As usual a number of animal rights people jumped all over Speilberg and he was treated to a number of insults and threats.

Joyce Carol Oates took the bait and sent a comment asking where the conservation laws were to prevent this type of thing from happening.

Here's the original photo shopped picture of Spielberg sitting in front of the triceratops.

Of course, I couldn't let that big shot movie maker have all the fun. I had someone pull Spielberg's head off and replace it with mine. I also had the photo shopper add a rifle, an AR variant.

So there is yours truly sitting there in front of a dead triceratops with one of the most underpowered rifles for dangerous game. Off to Facebook and a few other places.

My family and a few longtime friends are on Facebook and my family chimed in with good natured comments.

An old high school friend lifted the picture and posted it on his page. It drew a few hits, but nothing to write home about.

So I posted it on someone else's facebook page and drew a couple of pretty nasty comments. Someone asked me the name of the safari company.

I told them it was the Time Travel Safari Company and explained that I'll shoot the animal next year and I invited her to come to our meeting that is scheduled for last Tuesday.

Even that went over a lot of heads. I seriously wonder how many animal activists started Googling around trying to find the Time Travel Safari Club so they could start in on them with their hate.

This reminds me of those psychic hotlines. You call them and they ask what they can do for you. If they reappy were as good as they say they are they'd answer the phone something like this: "Hi, Pic. We'll give you the winning numbers to the lottery after your credit card clears and we get $14.95. It'll only take a minute because we called it in just before you called."  

I ought to start a Facebook page for Time Travel Safaris and have guys post themselves in front of downed dinosaurs holding rifles.

"Here's a happy customer from 2016! Next year he'll bag this nice Tyranasaurus Rex back in 63,000,002 BC!"

It would be fun to watch dumb asses see pictures like that and have a melt down and make fools of themselves.

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