Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I never got into any real trouble as a kid.

Someone once said to me a few years back, "It always seems that when you find a kid that hunts and fishes he never seems to get into any real trouble."

I thought about that a while and I think that for the most part he's right. Kids that spend a lot of time outside doing things like that seem to be too tired to get into real trouble. They also seem to be healthier than kids that are indoors a lot.

A few years back I saw a kid walking up the street with a fishing pole while I was talking to one of the neighbors.

"Oh, my God!" I said to the neighbor. "He's got a fishing pole! He's going to murder a fish!"

The kid was pretty quick on the uptake. He smirked.

"Where ya goin' fishin', Kid?" I asked.

"The lake in West Park," he answered.

"That's a pretty good hike," I said.

"Yeah, well my bicycle's broken," he replied.

"Hop in," I answered and gave him a ride. On the way I told him to bring his bicycle by and I'd do what I could to get him back on the road again.

The next day I fixed a bike. What was equally important is that I taught him how to fix it himself. It was a simple fix, really.  I was mildly annoyed that his father didn't know how to put a chain back on and tighten it.

Anyway, for what it's worth I never did see this kid on TV wanted for anything. For that matter, I never saw his picture posted in the post office as being wanted.

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