Thursday, August 6, 2015

One of the things I think I am supposed to do

 as a resident of SW Pennsylvania is "Keep my eyes peeled for Indians."

Now back when the order was issued (and hasn't been rescinded yet to my knowledge) it meant keep my eyes open and watch for possible hostility from Native Americans.

I guess times change because I find myself peeking into various gas stations and convenience stores making sure no harm befalls their Indian owners. The one nearest my place has a couple of pretty good guys running it. I like them and don't want to see them have any trouble.

As for the Native Americans, I guess they run smoke shops and stuff. I don't know a whole lot of them and the few I do know have pretty much assimilated and I see them causing no problems to the peace, prosperity and tranquility of SW PA.

I guess the way I see it, is the only Indians I really have to even be remotely concerned with are the Cleveland Indians.

If they make it to the World Series I suppose there is a possibility that there would be welshing on sports bets and a few fights among baseball worshippers.

That's really no biggie. The cops could clean up that mess in a heartbeat.

I ought to write the people at Fort Indiantown Gap and see if I can stand down. It would be an interesting letter to send and they would likely tell me to stand down.

Then again, maybe I don't want to stand down. The guys at the local convenience store are a pretty good guys and I don't mind looking after them.

If I write the people in Fort Indiantown Gap they are likely to get all worked up over nothing and start jumping up and down and carrying on.

They are apt to let their imaginations run wild and figure they have an armed nut running around Pittsburgh hunting for people to shoot. So they might send out a SWAT team or something.

Of course, they will be disappointed because all they will find is an old man that happens to be interested in the welfare of his community. They will feel foolish and try and trump something up to justify the over reaction. God only knows what that will be.

Nope. I will simply sit here in compliance with my orders feeling much like an abandoned WW2 Japanese soldier on some Pacific island somewhere awaiting further orders.

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  1. My ancestors were Irish, but I was born in South Weymouth, Mass, so I guess that makes me a Native American, right? Why not; after all, American Indian's ancestors presumably came from Asia or wherever. So what's the difference?