Thursday, August 27, 2015

The road crew outside is at it and they are going a great job.

I see today that my escape route is by going down the street. Yesterday it was up the street but that's OK.

They are doing a pretty good job of keeping things passable while they are working away. I seldom have to even stop when I leave the house.

I will admit that I believe that a part of this is that we are a successful neighborhood. We all have jobs, work etc and have things to do.

I would bet that if they were doing the same job in an indigent neighborhood they wouldn't really try as hard to keep things moving.

Ever notice that stop light cameras are not very often present in wealthier areas? My guess is that the locals wouldn't tolerate it. Instead they install them in poorer neighborhoods where the residents can't afford the tickets yet don't have the clout to get them removed. It really isn't fair. 

While I am no friend of the lazy poor, I do have compassion for the guy that is at least trying. He's the guy that needs a break every once in a while. He's running a little late for work and maybe hits a yellow light a little late. Click and BAM! He's a couple days pay poorer for trying to get to work on time.

I got nailed by one of these damned things in Philly and it cost me $100. 

As soon as I got the ticket I sat down and figured out how I could get rich. If I could invent some kind of polarization plastic that would allow someone directly behind me (as in law enforcement officers) to read my plate yet not let it be readable from a higher angle (as in stoplight camera) I could sell a boatload of them.

The policeman behind me could see my plate as he is supposed to be  able to yet the high angle stoplight camera couldn't.

Of course it would be outlawed inside of a few months so the maker would have to act fast. Too bad I don't know any plastics engineers.

Anyway, while I have no use for the lazy poor I do believe that the poor slob that's at least trying ought to get a break. He's at least making an effort and he has my respect for it.


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