Saturday, August 1, 2015

When is the black community

 going to come up with someone that is worth sticking up for?

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of the black community going to bat for people like Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Treyvon Martin and others.

All of these people seem to have one thing in common. They have a chip on their shoulder and have picked fights with people, usually policemen.

I remember back in the early 60s when the NAACP was a cooking organization that was doing a lot for the black community. They preached self reliance and took some pretty gutty stands against the establishment.

I remember when they forced Ol Miss into accepting James Meridith as a student and successsfully integrated the school. 

Meridith was a pretty sharp man and an Air Force veteran to boot. The NAACP went to bat for him and they won a rightful victory.

I was proud of them back than and wish I could be proud of them today.

But I guess they have reinvented themselves or some other damned thing because they seem to be pretty hard up for causes or people to defend. Either that or they've been infiltrated by too many hateful Al Sharpton types.

It's a damned shame.

Instead they have thrown their weight behind a handful of belligerent blacks with a chip on their shoulder that go looking for trouble. Then get upset when they find it.

Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown and Sandra Bland are a few. All three of these picked fights and wound up dead after things escalated. Bland committed suicide while in custody.

When I see the black community go to bat for these types of people I get pretty disgusted. 

It seems to me that an organization that once prided itself in preaching self-reliance and independence has reduced itself to little more than teaching people how to sign up for welfare checks. There's no self-reliance in that. t's nothing but dependency.

It's a damned shame.

I've posted before that the NAACP has gone down the tubes and I believe it to be the truth. Of course, I will likely be slain for telling the truth. The NAACP is still a sacred cow in the minds of a lot of people. I don't see why.

Instead of jumping up every time some belligerent black picks a fight with a cop they and other black organizations should be doing things to improve both the lot of  blacks and the image. Supporting these people makes them look stupid. 

Instead what they should be doing is encouraging education and getting blacks to get some schooling of some sort to get out off the welfare rolls.

It doesn't have to be college, trade and technical schools are great places to learn a trade. Trades put a lot of meat on a lot of tables. Good tradesmen are real jewels to find. Many of them do much better than a lot of white collar guys.

Yet instead of trying to improve the lot of poor blacks they come charging in to defend a belligerent thug that likely created his own problem.

I'm not covering for the doings of a brutal cop here. There is no excuse for that in the law enforcement community. None.

Still, it seems that just about every time the incident occurs it was provoked. I would imagine that simple good manners could have avoided the problem. Good manners are free. Anyone can afford them.

While I am on the subject of black advancement organizations, there is one I seldom here of very often these days.

The United Negro College Fund seems to be keeping a low profile lately for whatever reason. Truth is they seem to be doing a big part of what the NAACP should be doing and that is educating and bettering people.

Most likely you won't hear from the people attending scool on one of their scholarships because they are too damned busy with school work to be able to afford much time. Educating blacks and teaching them to be successful is probably going to do a lot more good than teaching them to fill out welfare forms.

Betcha there are not a whole lot of UNCF students carrying around a chip on their shoulder. Their book bags are probably heavy enough. Besides, these young people are going somewhere and can't be bothered with carrying resentment.

I seriously believe that the NAACP should cut ties with Al Sharpton and associates and start pushing education and self-help career training. It's time they started putting responsibility where it belongs, on the individual.

This country has spent billions and billions of giving blacks a fair shake and fighting racism. We have enacted all sorts of legislation and created all sorts of set-asides for them. 

Truth is, it isn't fair to a non-black that is qualified to lose a spot to a black of lesser quaifications. 

Programs like this are probably not too good for black pride, either. Government programs in effect are sending the message that blacks ar not as capable as everyone else. Therefore they need a specil program. What bullshit!

As with most government programs, it has been unsuccessful. If anything it has created resentment.

If you are black and have read this far you likely can read and probably have a job and can take care of yourself. God bless you. There's a house for sale down the street from me and if you can afford to buy it I'll gladly help you fix a leaky toilet at 3 am. I'll help you unload and move in. You can borrow my lawn mower until you can get one for yourself. This rant isn't aimed at you.

It's aimed at the NAACP and other organizations that seem to have fallen away from the purpose they were started for. 

MADD was formed by a woman with a sole purpose. She wanted drunk driving laws enforced. When she accomplished her mission she dropped out. Of course, the organization reinvented itself and has since become (in my eyes) a nuisance.

It's time the NAACP re-reinvent itself and fall back to it's original purpose, which is the advancement of colored people.

It's time for them to either disband or start pushing for self-help education and real improvement. Ditch the professional race baiters and crybabies and buckle down to teaching people to take care of themselves. Preach to their membership that it is up to them to achieve success and not the government's job.

Yes, some of them are going to be victims of predjudice. Get over it. It still happens. Still, this is now 2015 and the bulk of it has disappered. Truth is, though, everyone for the most part gets a pretty fair shake these days. Another truth is that peole want blacks to be successful because they're tired of taking care of them via government programs.

It's time for them to stop making sure their membership gets a handout and that they-the organization- start giving their members a hand UP.

All of the federal legislation, set-asides, welfare checks, War on Poverty programs are not going to do a damned bit of good. What it takes is people, individually and collectively, to get off their asses and try and make something of themselves.

I suppose that there are a few people that this post is going to anger. They'll likely call me a racist and a few other choice names. Go ahead.

Incidentally blacks have no monopoly on sticking their hands out. There are more than enough whites standing in the free lunch line than you can shake a stick at.

I'll also bet you that there are a few people of all colors out there that will tell me that I'm just saying what should be said, although if I had half a brain in my head I'd keep my mouth shut. 

Then again, NASA hasn't been at my door looking for someone to help them with the Space Shuttle. I suppose you can say I'm not too bright in this day and age because I call it the way I see it.

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