Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yesterday I wandered

 outside and watched the repaving project wearing a white shirt, necktie, white hard hat and pocket protector full of pens. I was also carrying a clipboard.

I wandered around making it a point to stay the hell out of everyone's way, though. The guys knew what I was doing and smirked. They thought it was pretty funny.

I was getting ready to go back home and get ready to face the day when someone further up the pavement company food chain showed up. I have not seen him before.

So I walked up to him and mentioned that it might be good PR to square off the ragged concrete edge of my neighbor's driveway. Then I simply wandered off. I had done nothing wrong nor misrepresented myself in any way.

A couple days ago she had mentioned it to me. Where the concrete meets the pavement is uneven. The end had likely been torn up by some city vehicle some time ago.

Then I simply wandered off up the street and when he was watching me, I wrote something on the pad of paper on top of the clip board. I got to my house and stood there writing.

The minute his back was turned I ducked into the garage, came in and started making breakfast. About the time I sat down to eat it I heard something like a chain saw outside. When I looked there were a couple of guys with a pavement saw cutting the ragged edge out of her driveway.

She'll be a happy camper. I just inspected and they did a good job. It's nice and even.

Update: She got home and noticed right off the bat. I told her what I had done and she laughed herself silly.

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