Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kudos to the women that passed Ranger school

They passed it fair and square. It is one course that can't be pencil whipped because in addition to being graded by the instructors, the candidates are graded by their classmates.

Now, of course, the feminists are expecting that they will be posted straight to the 75th Ranger Regiment and likely will start caterwauling if they are not assigned jobs as platoon leaders or given a company to run.

 Not so fast. At this point woman are not being accepted into the regiment but I suppose that can be change easily enough.

 We don't even know what the of these two lieutenants are. Can the Ranger battalion even use them? Part of even being able to volunteer for the Ranger battalion is that one has an MOS that they can use. 

Most (but not all) Ranger officers are Infantry types and it is doubtful these two are. 

Personally as an armchair general I see a pretty good use for these women in the field. The pair of them would likely make pretty good intelligence gatherers in Afghanistan. Afghan woman that wouldn't be caught dead speaking to a male GI are a lot more likely to open up to a woman.

I'd have them gain their weight back run them through a crash course in field intelligence and then deploy them to do just that. They could be loaned out to units on an as needed basis.

Actually I am reasonably sure that there are a number of other women in combat zones that are accompanying GIs on patrols through villages and making contact with indigenous women.

I have no problem with women in a lot of line units. An MP staff sergeant told me that he had groomed a female Sp/4 to be his partner in Iraq a few years ago. He chose her specifically because she was a woman.

He was funny about it and described her as 'a real Elly May Clampett that actually cleaned up pretty good'. Apparently she was a farm girl. A part of the reason he chose her is because after he trained her in certain martial arts he'd use her to take down belligerent Iraqi men. 

Apparently there were a number of young testy Iraqi men in his assigned area that were belligerent towards the MPs assigned to the area. After the farm girl had taken a couple of them down the rest of them decided that they didn't want to face the humiliation of being taken down by a woman. A lot of the trouble in his area stopped almost at once. 

If either of these two woman have an intelligence background or something the Rangers can use I can certainly picture assigning them to the 75th Ranger Regiment. 

What I can't see is forcing a social experiment at the risk of lives. Assigning either of these two woman a platoon in the 75th without the proper combat arms background would be a travesty. They'd very likely get somebody killed.

The Navy learned a pretty harsh lesson on social experiments when Kara Hultgreen (call sign Revlon) was killed while trying unsuccessfully to make an arrested carrier landing. Apparently someone somewhere along the line pencil whipped some of her qualifications.

What they should have done is left Hultgreen on the beach and found a better trained woman to qualify. However, the Navy was probably having some inter service rivalry with the Air Force and wanted to have the first operational female fighter pilot on their roster. Hultgreen's faults as an aviator were overlooked and she paid for it with her life.

Back in the day I served with a couple of tabbed Ranger officers, neither of whom were eligible for the 75th Rangers. They were branched as artillery officers and the Rangers had no slots for them as such.

A lot of people do not realize that simply getting through Ranger school does not make someone eligible for assignment to the 75th. They have to have an opening for them. For example the 75th has no tanks so assigning them someone with an armor background is useless. He/she would be just another empty mouth to feed.

While I truly believe there is a definite use for the two women that just graduated from Ranger school I am very leery of assigning them duties that they are not otherwise qualified for.

It's a good way of getting people killed.

These days a lot of Social Justice Warrior types are often pretty generous with other people's lives. I wonder how they'd react to the loss of one of their own children because the Army decided to force a social experiment.

Before we start assigning people to force a social experiment let's at least make sure the people involved are 100% qualified.

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