Sunday, August 9, 2015

This post is for some dumbasses I grew up with

that don't have half a brain yet are allowed to vote.

I have had some people upset claiming I shot a rhinoceros which I did not.

I shot a triceratops.

They have been extinct since about 63,000,000 BC. It was a legal kill of a nuisance animal and allowed by the Bedrock Department of Fish and Game.

The animal had damaged a lot of things in the Bedrock area including a lot of equipment at Mr. Slate's quarry where Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble worked. The BDF&G decided it was a nuisance animal and had to go. At that point in time it was to be another ice age before Triceratops became an endangered species.

When I appeared for the hunt, Mr. Slate graciously shut the entire quarry down for two days both for safety reasons and to help draw the triceratops into the quarry.

 I shot the animal outside of the quarry.

I booked the hunt through Time Travel Safaris.

The story behind Time Travel Safaris is an interesting one. It began when Rocky and Bullwinkle went off of the air.

WHen Rocky and Bullwinkle went off the air, Mr. Peabody and Sherman were looking at a long period of unemployment because nobody was looking for a dog to hire as a quantum physics professor and Sherman was fairly young and hadn't finsished school yet.

Hanna and Barbera in an unprecedented act of generosity gave the Wayback Machine to them so they could start their own business.

They opened a small safari business specializing in Jurassic era hunting.

However, they have had to run their business underground and advertise by word of mouth because they are afraid of getting shut down by animal activists.

This has actually happened twice but both times they have been able to go back and take preventative action to keep from being put out of business.

As I mentioned, animal activists have been trying to put Time Travel safaris out of business for some time now. However, Mr. Peabody and Sherman are too clever for them.

Animal activists have tried to tear down their office several times. Mr. Peabody and Sherman simple hop into the Wayback Machine and run back a day to before the building got vandalized. After their office had been torn down several times the exhausted animal activists simply gave up.

I seriously recommend Time Travel Safaris for anyone looking to hunt Jurassic era big game. I feel they're a pretty good deal as they have managed to eliminate a lot of the safari associated expenses. Fewer people are needed for a hunt.

As for my trophy, I have not shot it yet. I'm scheduling this hunt for next year. However, Mr. Peabody and Sherman did kindly take me back in time to just after I shot the Triceratops so I could take a picture to show my family.

They have meetings open to the public and the next one they are having is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you have nothing to do last Tuesday you ought to drop in and check ot out.

Tell them Piccolo is going to send you.

I figure that if you are one of those people that are stupid enough to believe the picture I ought to at lest have the decency to give you a story to match.

For those of you that are too young to know who Mr. Peabody and Sherman are, here's a picture of them and the Wayback machine.

To find out why the blog is pink just cut and paste this: NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE WRITING OF TODAY'S ESSAY

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