Friday, August 14, 2015

Sorry, Top. I owe you one.i

So I was on the road yesterday and stopped at a rest area for a burger and ran into a couple of servicemen. They were professionals, not first termers.

A glance at their ranks tole me they were most likely a company commander and a first sergeant.

I am an old soldier that addresses first sergeants as 'Top'. While if I were a serving GI in this day and age I would catch hell for doing this, first sergeants generally grin and actually like the form of address from old men. They know where we're coming from.

Most first sergeants grin when vets address them as 'Top'. It's funny watching the younger GIs cringe when a vet does this. They expect Top to go off on the vet. They are often astonished to see the first shirt grin and accept the title gracefully from an older vet.

So anyway, Top and the Old Man are sitting there and I was passing by and simply said, "Hi, Top, Hello, Sir. How you guys doin'?"

"Pretty good, Sir," said the captain.

"I see a pair of air assault badges," I replied. "When did you guys go through air assault school?"

"Three years ago," replied the captain.

"Lord,"said Top. "Back when I was a Sp/4."

The captain jumped to conclusions and thought I had been through air assault school and simply asked me what it was like back in the day.

I never went through the school but I had a flash of inspiration. Now I am a master of the straight face and if I ever get shot with a ball of my own $hit. I will admit I have had it coming for years.  "Never did," I replied. "But my buddy did. Back then it was like the mounted horse cavalry. The big difference was that instead of being issued a horse, they issued every soldier a pterodactyl to fly them into battle. Each GI took care of him."

Top burst out laughing and the old man looked confused for a second. He gave Top a quick angry look, recovered and looked at me sheepishly. He recovered quickly.

"That long ago, huh?" asked the captain.

The first shirt looked at the old man. "Sir, I'll bet this guy can remember back before the days they started issuing parachutes at jump school!"

Sorry I got you a dirty look from the Old Man, Top.

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