Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Are we a banana republic? If not, we're damned close.

We're headed that way fast. We're probably there already.

The odds on Donald Trump making it to the Oval Office seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer. He's going to have to win by a landslide in order to overcome the dishonesty of the Clinton political machine.

I suppose I could live with things if the American public truly and honestly voted her in but the truth is I see treachery coming down the pike.

Joe Stalin once said it's not who votes, but who counts the votes. He was probably right and I believe the fix is in.

I noticed that in Philly one of the precincts reported that every single vote was for Obama. Every single vote! 

You would think that at least one person would have maybe made a mistake and pushed the Romney lever by mistake or that there was at least one disenchanted person in the precinct. To me that is pretty much proof of shameless voter fraud. It looks to me like they didn't even try to even appear be honest!

I suppose voter fraud can be overcome if the numbers simply overpower the system but that would mean that in this case I don't have a clue of how much of a precentage Trump would need to overcome the fraud.

The other problem is that the party in power (the Democrats in this case) are not really too interested in cleaning up voter fraud because it is in their favor.

I think that the Democrats are gearing up for the most dishonest election in American history.

We are rapidly becoming a banana republic and I see that the presidency is going to turn into little more than a dictatorship.

While we are not quite at the point yet, we are probably just a few months away. The election will tell the tale.

If it goes over the top it will probably mean that the Republic can only be returned to its former self by force. If that happens it won't be pretty and I seriously don't think it is likely.

The Dems have done a pretty good job of making almost half of Americans dependent on government one way or the other.

I am a few months from retirement age and am split on what to do. On one hand I suppose I could keep working until I can't anymore. I think that we're headed to hyper inflation and my retirement savings will lose their value. 

What a robbery that's going to be.

I recently told a couple of young people to not bother saving for the future until things settle down a bit. Spend it on a good time or durable goods you can use when push comes to shove. At least you'll get something out of it. I have a lot of memories, mostly pretty good and a number of them quite outrageous.

The other side of me says retire and spend my time looking for every single grant, benefit, whatever that I can find and get in order to help the system to collapse.

I suppose I'll keep working until the tax rate goes up to the point where it's not worth it anymore.

It is not a secure feeling for me. Too old to rock n' roll, too young to die. It is a truly scary time. I suppose if push comes to shove and things get too weird I can probably team up with a couple sisters to make out as best we can as somewhat of a team.

I do believe that Trump really does want to make America great again. In a way he represents the type of person the Founding Fathers envisioned running for office.

Simply someone that has been successful and wants to pay the country back for allowing him to be successful.

Yeah, he's loudmouthed asshole but that's OK. He'll probably be fairly honest.

Hillary, on the other hand is nothing but a selfish bitch that is in love with power and really thinks she is above the rest of us. She'll steal from us every chance she gets.

I sure would not want to be a military or Secret Service person assigned to the White House while she is POTUS. She hates us little people with a passion.

A retired Secret Service person says he once greeted her with "Good morning, Ma'am." only to be answered with a "F*** you!"

As a younger man I likely would have called her a nasty old **** in return and gotten fired. No loss, though. Maybe I would have simply handed her my gun and baton and told her to protect herself and walked off.

Even then the Clintons had a lot of people that hated them so I would imagine I'd have gotten another job from one of them.

"What?... he called Hillary that and got fired?....What was he making?...$45K?...Offer him $75k and benefits and tell him he starts tomorrow!"

The truth is as an older man I would not allow myself to get hurt for someone like that. She's not worth it.

If I were a Secret Service agent I would cash in every favor I could to simply chase counterfeiters what is is also what the Secret Service does. A lot of people don't know that.

For what it's worth, President Bush was very gracious to the White House staff, especially the Secret Service guys. He threw parties for them at his place in Texas. The knew they would protect him to the point of stopping bullets for him.

The way I see it, the Republicans have to take their share of this mess, too. They are just as greasy as the Democrats but just carry themselves with an indignant air.

I personally think that the elites of BOTH parties are in this together to some degree. You can see that the GOPe types are supporting Hillary because if she wins the status quo continues and they get to keep their jobs and backroom deals. They are terrified of Trump and probably ought to be.

Even if Trump doesn't go after them they have lost control of the peasants.

The truth is that Trump OUGHT to go after the elites of both parties that have stolen our rights and collapsed the middle class.

If Trump does that he will probably placate a lot of pretty pissed off Americans that have finally figured out that the elites of both parties are nothing less than criminal of the smoke and mirrors go away.

Still, I seriously question if Trump will overcome the dishonesty and it looks like if Hillary gets in there is going to be a major breakdown. Nobody really respects the laws anymore because the elites have been breaking them for years.

If someone were to be arrested on some bullshit federal charge and used a simple "WTF, Hillary doesn't obey the law, why should I?" I would likely give the man a pass. He's right.

The mainstream media isn't clean, either. They have failed to be honest in their reporting and the truth is they are losing credibility. They have a lot to do with the way things are heading. They owed us honesty and interity but have sold us out.

What used to be the noble Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column. The internet is now the news source that more and more people are turning to. Can't say I blame anyone for that. It's where I go to get my news.

We are headed in a bad direction now and it is being indicated simply by gun sales. People are scared. The June figures are in and Americans have broken all records of gun sales. In June there were over 2.5 million transfers through the federal system. That doesn't include the transfers made in the states that have thir own check system.

Truth is that it sounds to me like the country seriously gearing up for war. People are scared. Ammo prices are starting to climb which means demand is up. 

Gun stores report that there are an awful lot of first time gun owners being made daily.

I would imagine that there will be very little compliance if the government imposes a ban or a registration scheme. Looks like there's going to be a deluge of mysterious thefts, coupled with white water rafting overturns and tragic boating accidents. It won't take Charlie Chan to solve the Mystery of the Missing Guns.

It makes sense if you look at the dismal compliance rates of the Connecticut and New York bans and registration schemes. Some say as high as 15% but it's probably lower than that. 

This entire thing is making me sick to my stomach. My guess is that we are overdue for another MacVeigh type of attack...for starters.

This entire mess leaves me cringing. It makes me almost unable to look my nieces and nephews in the eyes.

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  1. We are of much the same mind on both the political situation and our own personal prospects. I wish the pols would just leave us alone.

    Take care.