Sunday, July 24, 2016

I feel pretty good about one thing now

 and that is that an important part of my will is now squared away.

I am still healthy and in halfway decent shape but I am getting along in years. I'm also aware that every life has a beginning, a middle and an end. I am rapidly coming closer and closer to my end. It's just a natural thing.

The time to take care of things like that is when you are still healthy. When you finally get sick and see the end is near you have one less thing to worry about and you can enjoy what little time you have left.

Doing this is actually somewhat of a pain in the ass as you discuss things with the people involved. 

While some of them take it simply for what it is, there are always a couple that get alarmed and think you have either been diagnosed with something or are planning something.

Someone got alarmed when I spoke to them about this and asked if anything is wrong. I told them I was going to grab a Tommy gun and find a gas ball to climb next Tuesday and they started this "What? What? You're going to shoot it out with who?"

"The G-men," I replied, sarcastically. "They'll never take me alive! It'll go down in history as the James Cagney Memorial Shoot-out!"

"Stop trying to over analyze everything." I added. "I am just planning ahead." 

He looked at me and appeared embarrassed.

When I spoke to my nephew he took it well at face value and said that he's going to pay me a visit. He know how life works and the last time the two of us had a very memorable time. "Kissing my ass to keep you name in the will, huh?" I replied and we laughed.

Anyway, I feel pretty good now that I have that taken care of.

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