Friday, July 29, 2016

The other day THAT GUY asked me who Bubbles was...

There is always a dummy that can't seem to think and has no imagination.

The other day someone asked me why I wasn't willing to go to his nephew's wedding in Cincinnati. It's a day's drive from here and I don't know the kid. I have no clue how I got invited or why.

Truthfully he didn't expect me to go. It was some kind of his family pro forma crap.

I told him that Bubbles was working at the club that night. 

He asked me who Bubbles was and I looked at him and shook my head.

It is in male DNA to know who Bubbles is. 

Bubbles may be a blonde, brunette or redhead, She may be tall or short and cute but there are three things that she has going for her.

She has a pneumatic bust, not a brain in her head and is highly skilled in certain amorous arts.

There are a grand total of six men on the planet that don't know who Bubbles is and I had just met one of them.


 One of the things people are pretty good at is trying to give you exactly what you DON'T want.

I swear. You could advertise for a junk car to put up on blocks in your front yard to piss off the neighbors, willing to pay NO MORE than $20 for.

Your inbox will be flooded with people trying to sell you an $85,000 late model Range Rover or a year old Cadillac.

WHen that happens I offer them the $20 I said I waas willing to pay for the wreck and they get all pissed off.

Recently I helps a friend out finding him an old 30-30. I said that I was looking for an old Sears, Montgomery Ward, Western Auto or Ted Williams model 94 and wasn't willing to pay a lot. I specifically said that if someone offers me an expensive rifle I would only pay what an old Sears model was worth.

I got a half dozen people writing back offering me rifles ranging in from beat up Winchesters to highly sought after collectables. The prices they wanted were between $500 and $3200.

I decided to answer all of these aggravating replies and told them I was only willing to pay $150 for it. "I said in the ad I was looking for an inexpensive beater," I replied. "So I am going to offer to pay you what I will pay for an old Sears. Try $150, cash money."

Most people didn't answer my reply but a couple did.

The guy with the $3200 collectable sent me back a reply that I was nuts if he thought I was going to  get a $3200 rifle for $150. I told him that he had only himself to blame for not reading the ad.


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