Saturday, July 9, 2016

The first part of this post came from somewhere else.

I lifted it after the writer said I could.


How did we get here in this country? That's the question I just heard the lady on Fox News asking.

How. Did. We. Get. Here?

Well, I'll tell you how we got here. First, we elected a race baiting jackass with black nationalist wife to the Presidency. 

Then the media took over. They canonized St. Trayvon before his corpse was even cold, and spent a year turning the brown guy who shot Treyvon into a white guy. Then they did the exact same thing with the strong arm, dope smoking THUG, Michael Brown, while calling for the head of the police officer who shot him in a clear cut case of self defense. And they just kept going. Case after case of a shooting, a kid jacked up on PCP running down the middle of the street with a knife, a 400 pound guy resisting arrest...too many to list. In every case, the news media and the leftist politicians in this country labeled the police as murderers and the criminal scum as saints. For years, all of Obama's presidency and even before that, we have had a media, educational system and political machine labeling white people and the police as racist, heartless, privileged, selfish and unmoved to the plight or deaths of the poor, down trodden blacks. 

And you ask how we got here? I ask how you thought we were heading anywhere else.


There is something to be said here. When you look at the president entertaining Al Sharpton and the #BLM people in the White House it's no wonder.

Sharpton ought to be in jail for tax evasion. He owes us an awful lot of money. I read upwards of 3.5 million somewhere. He's one of the biggest race baiters out there.

As for the BLM people? Look at the Texas shootings.

You didn't see David Duke or the Klan people in the White House when we had a white president, did we?

Why? Most likely because the president was trying to pull us together instead of pull us apart.

I have grown increasingly frustrated because I have shared the dreams of Dr. King for decades. I kept seeing things seem to get better until the Obama administration. Since he was elected they have gotten worse and it Hillary gets in they will likely continue the downward spiral.

 One of the shooters has admitted he was targeting cops and white people.

Think President Obama is going to list this as a hate crime? 

HA! You should live so long! 

What ever happened to equal treatment under law?

Hell, if we really DID have equal treatment under law at least half our leadership would be in jail now.

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