Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I just read where Governor Cuomo's New York

 push to bring businesses into New York has netted a whopping 408 jobs in the past two years.

Sounds like something that happens before noon in places like Huntsville, Alabama.

It would also be interesting to see how many businesses moved OUT of New York during the same time frame and what the actual net job loos is.

I guess Cuomo thought people are stupid and that they don't know how to count.

He offered tax relief for the initial start up of either five or ten years which is all well and good iuntil you realize that once the initial period has passed that the taxes they would wind up paying will be high at present rates and likely higher further on down the road.

Cuomo has spent an awful lot of money on advertising all over the country to push this program.

The truth of the matter is that businesses flock to areas with low tax bases, little union activity, lower wages and lower heating costs.

Decades ago manufacturig businesses left Massachusetts for warmer and more inexpensive climes.

If Cuomo wants to get businesses to come to New York than he is going to have to make a much better offer than that!

What should irk New Yorkers is that the governor has spent so much of THEIR money on such foolishness with nothing to show for it.

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