Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Yesterday I wrote a post about an old 30-30 I helped a guy sight in once.

What reminded me of that besides running into the cop is that I just found one for a friend. It is the truck gun I have been looking for and he got it for a fairly good price.

Anyway, he had yesterday off and wanted me to help him sight it in.  

I almost always start the sight in process at 50 yards and a humongous paper, at least 4'x4'. People look at it and wonder and most of the time it is huge overkill but it wasn't yesterday.

While elevation was pretty much dead on, windage was over a foot to the left. I took a brass punch and drifted the sight over a bit and now the rifle shoots about a minute of venison.

After that I took my bolt gun out to 200 yards and shot a couple of experimental sub minute groups. Smallest was .607 MOA which is pretty good for a factory gun.

The guy wondered why his old truck gun couldn't do that and I told him to stop a minute and look at things the way they really are.

What it is, it is.

The old workhorse is a Sears, made before Ted Williams put his name on it and is probably almost as old as I am. I'm 64. The rifle has bounced around in the back of a pickup or been hauled around for quite some time by the looks of it.

Originally it was designed to put meat on the table and probably never was truly accurate to begin with. It never was a target grade gun.

Still, it was fun getting the old workhorse to be able to do what it was designed to. A 'minute of venison' is good enough to put meat on the table and that rifle will do it.

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