Monday, July 25, 2016

The Garand Match is coming up at Camp Perry.

I don't think I will shoot it this year.

Instead I am going to coach new shooters.

Every year there are new shooters and some enter never having shot a match. That's OK. We squad newbies with experienced shooters and it generally works. Generally.

One year I got a newbie that thought he was a know it all because he was in the Navy back in the day and he proved difficult at best. However, he did safely get all of his rounds into Lake Erie so I suppose that's all that matters.

Anyway, there is always a pair of Fricks and Fracks, two buddies or runnin' partners that stick together. They get upset when you try and pull them apart, yet neither of them know what is going on.

Frick and Frack generally wind up slowing things down and upset the entire rhythm of the match.

Enter Piccolo. 

One of the women there said to me that if I was around for the Garand match that I could be helpful by being a coach. We chatted and she said she'd be grateful if I'd coach a couple of newbies.

I think I will.

I'm a better coach than I am a shooter.

I did this several years ago and my first time Garand match newbie bronzed which pleased me.

As you get older it is a good thing to help the next generation along.

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  1. I will never forget the first match I shot. DCM match at Camp Butner. I was dazed and confused, and a veteran shooter took me under his wing and walked me thru every course of fire, telling me what I was doing wrong, and what I was doing right. The guy happened to be from my hometown, and several days after the match, he showed up at my job with a big box...500 pieces of 72LC Match brass. Said he thought I might be needing them. Reid Perry was the guys name. I remember him to this day, some 35+ years later. Bet someone out there remembers Pic too!

  2. There are probably two that remember me but for very different reasons. One was a newbie that bronzed. The other was a so-called I used to be on the shooting team at Fort Podunk know it all and he even missed Lake Erie several times.