Monday, July 18, 2016

Another tragedy

There is a shooting case that came up when a couple of kids  found a gun in an abandoned house apparently with ammo.

One kid loaded it and claims it malfunctioned and he shot another kid with it.

Another tragedy.

The truth appears to be that he loaded it, tried it, it malfunctioned. So he pointed it at his friend and pulled the trigger.

People are saying 'It just went off.'

Guns do go off when you pull the trigger.

Thay don't just go off for no reason. You have to activate it somehow, generally by pulling the trigger.

The NRA has a gun safety program they have been offering schools for decades yet simply because it comes from the NRA educaators hate it and won't have an NRA program in the schools.

The program can save lives and right now I think I'll use one of the most oft used liberal lines to support letting the NRA program into schools.

"If if saves just one life..." 

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