Saturday, July 16, 2016

One of the things I have seen over the years is a person get punched for the first time in their life.

Generally it is a pretty amusing thing to watch. The thing that comes to mind was the time I saw my drill sergeant smack a smart ass trainee.

Actually I didn't see it...even though I did. The kid that got smacked had it coming and right then and there I decided that for some reason I wasn't paying attention...

I think you know what I mean. I was actually surprised to see the drill sergeant put his stripes on the line over such a jerk as that.

Anyway, there is this look that came over his face of indignation, shock and it slowly was replaced by a realization that he was not going to get away with the crap he had been pulling for his entire life.

Quite frankly I found it very amusing under the circumstances. 

The reason I am thinking about this is because Bill Kristol is the spiteful asshole that keeps trying to find a sucker to run against Donald Trump to keep him from winning.

I would laugh gave him a punch in the mouth. Or maybe a black eye. It would make him see the light.

The other one that would amuse me to see get socked is Bill Maher. I have wanted to see him come out on stage with a real Norman Rockwell painting type black eye. A real shiner.

I suppose there are others but those two come to mind right now. 

I am not advocating violence here but simply admitting that if someone did such a thing I would probably laugh like hell.

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