Sunday, July 10, 2016

I see where several cops were gunned down in Texas.

 Last I heard was 5 KIA, 6 WIA and a few other causalties.

This likely will not go well for the #BLM people. There probably will be a backlash of some sort.

I was already fed up with the #BLM people long before this. I consider them to be nothing more than a hate group and as such the belong on the SPLC list. Fat chance THAT will ever happen.

The SPLC will probably list them as a justice group unles I am mistaken. Then again they might because every so often even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

The BLM people ought to take a long, good hard look at themselves before they blame the police for their woes. The list of cops that have shot an innocent of any race in decades is probably the thinnest book in the library.

Does it happen? Rarely. Cops are human and as a result some of them have errors in judgement.

The days of the local Klan chapter being led by the county sheriff are long over. It's been decades. With damned few exceptions, LEOs have done a pretty good job of being fair to all races.

It seems that the thing black police shootings seem to have in common is that in every one person that gets shot has done something to instigate things.

The overwhelming majority have been caught doing something illegal to begin with. Virtually all have resisted arrest and escalated the situation.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist that a cop really doesn't want to shoot anyone. Even the most uncompassionate cop out there doesn't want to go through the paperwork, ensuing investigation and headaches that follow a shooting of any sort. If for no other reason than that, cops simply don't want to shoot people.

Of couse, most cops simply don't want to shoot anyone simply because they are decent human beings. No decent human wants to shoot anyone.

Still, it remains that in almost all shooting  incidents the police are put in a position where they at least feel they have to because they feel they are in danger. 

If you want eliminate police shootings it really isn't too hard. All you have to do is behave yourself and you won't get shot. This goes for all races.

If you want to continue with putting the police in theposition where they feel a need to defend themselves then keep attacking them.

Your choice.

I am not going to lose any sleep over someone who engages in criminal behavior and endangers police lives and gets shot.

Wake me when the police start shooting innocents. Then I'll help you.


My, my, my.

Word is out that there was only one shooter in Dallas and he's dead. 

How convenient. Maybe too convenient. No telling.

That very well may be but it sounds a lot like another Charlie Chan mystery to me.


I just read where at another BLM rally last night someone pulled out a gun.

What happened was the very people that were screaming to kill the cops started screaming for the very cops they wanted to see dead to come over and save then.

I hate to admit it but when I read that the coffee I was drinking shot out my nose.

It is nothing less than what I expected.

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