Saturday, July 2, 2016

I have said it before but probably not here.

We are on a downhill slide and things are going down fast. The truth is that nobody out there truly resects the little people like us. The RNC is trying to stick it to the rank and file by doing their best to make the candidate chosen by the rank and file lose. 

They are trying desperately to regain control of their party and the truth is they ought to simply give it up. It ain't gonna happen.

That whiny little dweeb, George Will has said he was leaving the GOP and told them on the way out to make sure Trump loses. It makes me wonder what Will has gained through any insider deals with GOPe. What is more interesting is I wonder what he has to lose by the elites losing control of the party.

I will say this, though. With Trump pissing off George Will there is now yet ANOTHER reason to support him! You do have to remember I don't judge a man by who his friends are. I judge him by who his enemies are. Trump sure seems to have a lot of them and they are in all of the right places.

The old days of having the little guy watch the tube after work to know what is going on are over. Most people get their news off of the web. There's far less censorship on the web. Not too many people trust the mainstream media anymore.

Fact is the average guy is sick and tired of getting screwed by party elites that manipulate the system for personal gain.  

An awful lot of Democrats also feel the same way about the Democratic party. They are disgusted also.

Will the future bring a party of moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans? It's too early to say.

If the new emerging party is going to be evenly remotely successful they are going to have to stay the hell away from the social issues that have kept the Republicans from being successful for the past few decades.

They have become famous for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Most of this has been through sheer stupidity. I saw where some Republican wanted to outlaw the sale of dildoes. What a waste of time, effort, money and credibility.

Most likely he was put up to it by the Christian Coalition types that have made their carers by peeking into bedrooms. It's enough to make a person wonder about how dreary their sex lives must be because they are hell bent on ruining everyone else's.

As usual, I keep saying that what goes on between consenting adults in privacy is of no concern to anyone else. If a couple wants to tie each other up and beat each other with rubber chickens that's fine by me.

Republicans have alienated themselves from blacks, gays and a lot of other people for years. They seem to be getting worse as time goes on.

There are not a whole lot of black Republicans even though the Republicans have historically given blacks an awful lot. They freed them from slavery, gave then full citizenship and the right to vote.

In 1963 the Democrat, Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights bill while saying "When I sign this bill we'll have those ni&&ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!" That doesn't sound like he was really their friend.

That was followed by Democrat sponsored social programs that started the decline of the American family and hit blacks the hardest.

There are not too many gays in the Republican party, either. With good reason. 

Republicans have traditionally shunned gays and tried to make life hard on them. I blame this on the Christian Coalition types.

I also blame them for getting involved in the abortion issue. Roe vs Wade should have silenced the issue but the Republicans keep digging it up and trying to resurrect the issue. The Democrats call this a part of the War on Women. Sadly enough they are not far from being right.

The truth is probably that the present revolution may wind up with the creation of another political party. However the likelihood of it being based on liberty is pretty slim. The Christian Coalition will come charging in and destroy it the way they destroyed the TEA party.

As it stands now I guess we only have to look forward to meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

It also doesn't take a whole lot of brains to see what is likely to happen to the Bill of Rights. The muscle of which is provided by the 2nd Amendment.

The INSTANT even a whiff of armed insurrection is in the air you can bet that the Republicans will fall right in line with the Democrats to gut the entire Bill of Rights, starting with the 2nd Amendment.

All we can really hope for is that the shattered remains of the Republican party can climb out of it's own ashes and that a new party emerges with basic fiscal and libertarian principles. They will only achieve success if they avoid the social issues and welcome everyone.

Then again, the hopes for this are dimming rapidly as the middle class seems to be shrinking and poverty seems to be climbing. The socialists have done a remarkable job of creating what is called 'trickle up poverty' by causing the middle class to shrivel up.

Is Donald Trump the answer?

Probably not over the long haul but for right now he may slow things up a bit.

I did read where about six major corporations have given him the shaft because he wants to create jobs. The corporations probably fear that he will make it more difficult for the corporations to ship good jobs overseas.

The truth is that any candidate wanting to create jobs in the country is most likely going to have to make it more difficult to ship jobs overseas.

As I enter old age this particularly galls the living hell out of me to no end. It truly pisses me off.

I have busted my ass to try and pass on the blessings of liberty to the younger generation. Yet I fear it is my very generation that has screwed things up to a fare-thee-well. 

I only hope that the family I leave behind think of me as a decent human being that tried his beat to leave behind the liberties I have enjoyed during my lifetime.

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