Friday, January 13, 2017

Every so often I run into a jewel

While there are an awful lot of young people I have no use for, every so often a real jewel shows up in the oddest of places.

There are two people at a branch of my bank that are the reason I go there. Both are young and both are helpful.

While I was headed out of the bank I saw a bundle of coin rolls that they were giving away as some kind of freebie. I have a bunch of quarters at home so I took a single sleeve.

"Take a bunch," said the young teller that has been helpful to me.

"Nah,I only need one." I said. "I like having a roll of quarters in my hand when I punch someone."

The older teller looked mortified, the head cashier at me with a look of concern.

The young teller replied sweetly to me, "If you use a tire iron instead, your knuckles won't get all swollen up."

That pretty much shut the whole place down as everyone in the place looked at the little girl in shock...except for two customers. Both of them looked quite amused.

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