Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day.

I am posting this at approximately 0100 today, Inauguration day. Hopefully everything goes through all right. 

Obama will be gone, and Trump will be POTUS barring any treachery and the makings of a civil war.


One of the things I am watching is that Trump is fighting back at the mainstream media and I love it.

A lot of the big guns like CNN act like they have a God-given right to come and go in the White House and it looks like the new sheriff in town is going to bring them up short.

I am thinking of issuing myself a press pass declaring me to be the Editor-in-Cief of Piccolo's Hash and applying for the credentials to cover the WHite House.

Maybe President Trump will decide that Piccolo's Hash is a bona-fide honest outlet and decide that he is worthy of entry into the White House.

While I doubt that this is going to happen, it would be hilarious to find out that I was offered the slot normally held by CNN.

If I were offered the slot I would make it a point not to wear my bridgework and to be sure to smell like bourbon when I pass the CNN reporter just to add to his disgust and humiliation.

I can see the press secretary really irking the living daylights out of the CNN reporter by sticking it to him with the old liberal line.

"He doesn't have a media conglomerate behind him so we're 'Just going to level the playing field.' "

The look of outrage would be a true sight to behold.

If by some flaky chance, anyone can pass this post on to the White House press secretary, feel free to. I would gladly take a trip to Washington DC to help President Trump embarrass the fake news people.
I was reading a forum where the media said they were going to tell Trump who was boss.
Someone else pointed out that he could in fact keep the people in touch with what he is doing with the various forms of social media out there.
I have read that Trump's twitter acount is more popular than ABC, CSNBC, FOX and CNN combined. Someone else suggested that Twitter close his account.


Ham radio gets through where nothing else can.

I suppose it Trump went on the air there would be a demand for shortwave receivers which would mean more jobs and more win.

It would also leave all the media stammering and stuttering.

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