Thursday, January 5, 2017

I just got the bill for my Thanksgiving trip to Boston

and was surprised it was what it was. It was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.

My guess is that a lot of it was that the price of gasoline was low as that is generally a big part of things. At 25 miles per gallon it's 25 gallons to go 625 miles. Do that twice and you have fifty gallons of gasoline and that does not count any running around when you get there.

I am trying to recall how much I was paying for gasoline along the way. I do not recall the exact amount but I certainly remember commenting to myself that I had not seem it so low in quite a while.

Gas here in PA just went up 8 cents a gallon which means another buck-sixty a tank for me to cough up at the pump. The chuckleheads in Harrisburg are just asking for the smuggling business to get started. First cigarettes went up a buck a pack and now gasoline is up another 8 cents.

When you add the 8 cents to the rest of the gasoline tax then you find that PA has the highest gasoline tax in the nation. I can get gasoline for over forty cents a gallon cheaper in Ohio, a hop, step and a jump away.

Depending on how one looks at things it can very well be cheaper to take an occasional drive to Ohio and fill up three or four drums.

Incidentally that's based on the Joe's Gas Station prices. I would imagine if you want to you can probably cut a deal with a wholesaler and save more yet. A guy could probably save about fifty bucks a hundred gallons if he wanted to.

Still, the real source of anger over this is that the money is being collected under the guise of being earmarked for road improvement. What a load of crap! 

The PA turnpike is the highest toll road in the country in the state with the highest gas tax and the worst roads in the nation.

Earmarked for road improvement my eye!

That money is going to go straight into the general fund and be given away in the form of social programs.

The social programs should consist of shovels so as to make those on the gravy train go out and earn a living and make the roads in PA better.

At least we would be getting something for our money

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