Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Well theworld just got a little more dangerous.

Someone wanted a project and decided to work with metal.

He made and installed a bayonet lug on a Ruger Mini-14 rifle.

Now he has the equipment do do a drive-by bayoneting so I suppose you ought to stay off of the streets.

Actually he did a pretty good job. I'm sure it took him some time and it kept him off the streets and out of the pool halls. I'm sure he learned something in the process and actually poses no detriment to society. 

Ever notice that people that do things in their shop for entertainment seldom get into any real trouble.


In two days I enter my third cigarette free month and it is really no easier than it was on Day One.

I am still using nicotine lozenges and will probably be doing so for a while even though the nicotine addiction is the east part to get over.

If I had to rely on the medical people or the do-gooders for help I would probably smoking three packs a day by now. There really is no decent support group I could find. I kind of made my own.

I found a couple of long time smokers that stopped and they have been a lot more helpful than any of the others have been.


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