Thursday, January 12, 2017

Here's a pretrty good letter to send to your congress critter.

Appropriate greeting:

I realize that this is a busy time with much on the agenda for the incoming congress. However, I must ask that the federal commitment to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting be revisited. 

The CPB, founded in the 1960s with the 
Johnson administration, was tasked to "ensure universal access to non-commercial, high quality content and telecommunications services." 

In the age of the internet (itself increasingly subsidized for low income residents) and ubiquitous cable and satellite broadcasting, the CPB appears to be a vestigial bureaucracy of a by-gone era. 

Its budget ($445M) is miniscule to those in DC but meaningful to those outside of it. The primary 
beneficiary, NPR (both directly and through a Byzantine system of grants to local radio stations to launder the donations), is incapable of meeting its federally required mandate to provide "unbiased" and neutral reporting. 

It is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party as demonstrated by the CEO on down. Moreover the listening demographic is not the poor. 

Rather its the highly educated and generally wealthy. I am sickened by personally subsidizing either political party but doing so in the name of 
"public broadcasting" is a lie and a farce at this point. 

The public does deserve unbiased reporting. But NPR is incapable of doing it. 

Please ensure that no money from the CPB, directly or indirectly, goes to NPR and let the 
wealthy listeners of NPR determine if they still want to listen to it without my tax dollars. 

Better yet, take this opportunity to kill off an 
archaic bureaucracy as a demonstration of political sanity.

Thank you for your time and best of luck in the upcoming session.

I lifted this letter from another website I frequent and thought highly enough of it to put it here

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  1. Having found complaints to NPR go nowhere, and having some insider's knowledge as for a while did have some token Libertarians and Conservatives on staff, I yanked NPR's chain in a way that got the message going upwards.

    Offered them a pretty nice asset as a donation, if they could tell me what I'd get for a deduction.

    Turns out they farm a lot of the fund raising to professionals, and some firm contacted me, but I asked could they have NPR get back to me as well.

    Once they had their ducks in order I told them that because of "X Y Z. A B C. 1 2 3." leftist and openly Trump-hostile statements that not only was I withdrawing my offer, but that they could "bite me" as the saying goes.

    Was awesome - I know they heard me as greed had their attention and I put dollars and cents to my displeasure.

    Suggest every Piccolo Hash reader do the same. Call their fund drive numbers and read them the riot act.

    Off them big donations and withdraw them based on specific partisan instances of radio propaganda.

    When the mail you, take the time to write a protest note and stuff everything back into the business return postage paid envelope so they can pay to get their junk mail back.

    These people live in a world of sycophants, so you need to get through to them to get your message heard.

    And most of all, have fun with it!

    Your anonymouseque friend.