Saturday, January 7, 2017

I can not for the life of me figure out

why everyone thinks they're so important.

I had someone ask me to install some damned thing that would make my phone beep every time they emailed me.

Of course I refused because I told them I kept my phone next to my bed and didn't want to have them wake me up in the middle of the night over some form of bullshit.

It is is so imperative that I have to have my sleep interrupted over it then simply call me.That way if I decide you called me in the middle of the night for something stupid then you have to face my wrath.

What was funny is that this person said that they wanted to be able to get through to me without having to anger me. Seems the last time they called me in the middle of the night was to tell me they got some kind of coupon in the mail they didn't want and that I could have it. 

Of COURSE I blew up on them.

This is a result of what I call the 'emergency policy'.

You keep a line of supply, communications, whatever open for emergency use only and it doesn't take long before everything becomes an emergency.

What was once a line for evacuation, fire calls and the like eventually fields calls from Billy-Joe-Bob wanting to get through to Bubba to let him know that his third cousin twice removed, Betty Lou Thelma Liz's cat just has seven kittens.

The truth is that I suppose I would have installed the app if I thought the person would use it for serious emergency only after hours. However they are very likely to wake me up needlessly with it.

If they want me they can call like everyone else.

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