Saturday, January 14, 2017

War is not something I see as an academic exercise.

I see where Obama has troops tied up in eastern Europe that are getting ready to rile up the Russians. I think he is trying to leave Trump in a lurch.

His pettiness could very well get someone killed. 

Dear Mrs Smith, Sorry about that. Jimmy was killed in action while engaging in the war I started to give that mean old Donald Trump's presidency a better chance of failing.

If President Obama does intentionally leave Trump in the makings of a war simply to gratify his own ego then Trump should have him jailed. There is no excuse for something like that.

I do not take war lightly and am publicly outspoken about it. Every time I listen to an armchair wannabe general I give him the address of the nearest army recruiting station and am generally treated to stammering and stuttering.

It's one thing to send someone else or someone else's kid off to war and another thing entirely to go yourself or send your kid.

I have said this before and I will probably say this again and again.

When the kid down the street gets killed it is a shame and you bring the family a casserole, tell the parents how great their kid was and shuffle home in time so you don't miss American Idol.

When it is YOUR kid it is a tragedy the family never recovers from.

Of course, it is pretty easy to bring tragedy onto someone else's family...

Any citizen that carelessly advocates war should have their attitude adjusted. I have no problems with wall to wall sensitivity training being administered.

Any elected official that gets us into a war that could be safely avoided deserves to be removed from office and hanged. 

Mr Putin, how about if you hang on a week or so. We're getting some sensible leadership installed in a few days. 

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