Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wow! I have gotten behind!

Oh yeah. I know what happened. I scheduled something too early and simply didn't get back to things.

My sleep schedule has been really screwed up recently. I have been told it happens when a long-term smoker quits.

I still and will for an awful long time hold a serious grudge at those that lied to me about how easy it was going to be to quit smoking. I truly wish I could get away with slapping them up alongside the head with a pipe wrench.

For what it is worth I jumped on someone's case over that one yesterday and got the usual and expected wide-eyed innocence spiel. "Well...I...I...I...I was trying to help you out." followed by sniffle, sniffle.

If you don't know what is going on, then DON'T HELP.

Re channel your motherly instinct somewhere else. Work as a candy striper in a maternity ward or something but DON'T HELP someone unless you know what is going on.

With few exceptions I have gotten no help from anyone but long-term smokers that have stopped.

Actually the worst ones I have dealt with are those that supposedly quit but never really started. "I quit when I graduated from high school."

You asshole! You never even started! STFU!

MUCH to the credit of my primary care doctor (the one I can't have anymore, thank you Mister President) she didn't lie to me.

Actually she didn't say much of anything which is a whole lot better than most people involved. She simply told me I ought to stop and left it at that. I can live with that. It is the truth.


I am now facing the prospect of a new doctor and I am upset because I had just gotten the old one broken in.

This is going to be interesting because I have to have a serious sit down and make a few things clear to him or her.

First rule: Straight unvarnished truth. No bullshit.

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