Sunday, March 5, 2017

I am in the dog house again

 because I gave some pretty good advice to a young man.

I do not know why some young people ask me for advice but from time to time they do. I generally give things some thought but not always.

A young man asked me which of three young ladies he ought to ask to a dance a while ago. I guess to him it is important and I suppose at his age I might feel the same way.

Still, as I am older I see it for what it is. He wants to go to a dance and thinks it is the most important thing in the world. He's not looking for a lifelong mate. He's looking for a date for a Friday night.

I told him to take the one with the biggest boobs.

He looked a bit stunned. I explained to him that it really made no difference because he ws just looking for a date to go to a dance with. If he was a bit older he might be looking for a mate which is a different case altogether.

He looked thoughtful and agreed that he wasn't looking to get married and then looked at me and said, "I think I'll ask the one with the second biggest boobs because the girl with the biggest boobs has a butt that kind of matches them for size."

Good point. It makes sense to me.

Incidentally if anyone is horrorfied reading this you might stop and think I am changing for the better.

About 35 years ago some kid asked me who to go to the prom with and my partner and I fixed him up with a local stripper.

I would imagine his parents are still looking for me.

His mother probably wants me dead and his father probably wants me to fix him up as his parents were divorced.

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