Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I saw where Loretta Lynch spouted off

 about how they need more marching, blood and death on the streets.


This is nothing more than another babbling limosine liberal telling other people what to do while they sit in their ivory tower safe from all the violence. 

What she wants is for OTHER people to march. She want's SOMEONE ELSE to bleed and she wants OTHER PEOPLE to die.

Unfortunately the little guy never seems to figure it out and goes out and gets his head kicked in for someone sitting in a nice, safe ivory tower.

Real leadership means getting in the trenches every so often. General Mattis has a record of showing up in the middle of a hot spot and spending time with his people during operations. I read a story about him pulling guard duty with a sergrant and a lance corporal. 

You think Loretta Lynch is going to get dirty with the people on the street? I doubt it. She probably doesn't like those people to begin with and she sure as hell doesn't doesn't respct them.

In short, she is just using the poor to make her life comfortable and keep her in a position of privlige and power.

She doesn't give a damn about the poor or working stiffs that she is trying to rile up. The truth is probably closer to being she wants to keep the poor down and out so she has more control over them.

Of course, among the black community she has credibility because she is a black woman. In the black community people are more apt to pay attention to her because of her color and sex.

Don't be fooled. She cares about as much for the poor as any other liberal politician of any other sex or color does. To them you are just people to bedazzle with big promises to get you to do the dirty work.

To a certain extent this is not limited to the liberals, either. Conservative politicians don't really love the working stiff or the poor either.

However, conservatives do want the working stiff and poor to be successful, though. The reason is twofold. First they will no longer have to support them through social programs. The second is they need a bigger middle class to get richer.

Of course, the poor will most likely play into the game of Leretta Lynch and stir up things. Likely there will be riots and the little guy will get his ass beaten or shot.

The rich politicians will rant and rave and go on as to how much they support the people at the bottom of the pile. It's because they want to keep using them.

They'll go back to their ivory towers and laugh and talk between themselves about how stupid the little people are and how they are doing their bidding for them.

You little guys ought to tell Loretta Lynch that you will follow her. Hand her a cudgel and put her up front where she can run the risk of getting her head kicked in.

Do it! The hemming and hawing will be pretty entertaining. Then we can see if she really is as dedicated as she says she is.

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